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HEMPATHË + CO Hemp Oil Extract

When we knew we wanted to start a company that helps others achieve their highest form of wellness, we had infinite options as to the direction we wanted to go with our products. Ideas were thrown back and forth until hemp was mentioned. We started researching and the more we learned the more clear our answer became.

Hemps uses have been ubiquitous as far as time can tell and as time moves forward we only continue to discover more ways the plant can aid us and our planet. Of all its uses hemp is most commonly known for being a nutrient dense superfood. Hemp seeds are packed with protein and polyunsaturated fats which makes the perfect keto-friendly snack and are an excellent source of Omega 3-6 Fatty Acids for those on a vegan and vegetarian diet, as these nutrients are typically only found in high quantities in meat and animal by-products. Our first product, HEMPATHË + CO Hemp Oil Extract, is a nutrient dense everyday supplement that offers copious amounts of benefits. Our formula includes 100% natural ingredients that were mindfully sourced and lab tested for potency and purity. Some benefits our Hemp Oil provides are, natural pain relief, oxidative stress and anxiety reduction, boosts cognitive and cardiovascular function/health, enhances the look of skin and hair, and much more. It can be used as a great alternative to CBD for those in states where medical marijuana is not yet legalized.

Our goal at H + Co is to create natural, eco-friendly, and mindfully sourced products with effortlessly beautiful design - all out of hemp. The versatility of the plant is the driving force behind our company and how we envision possibilities for a better future. We invite you on this journey with us to achieve total health and wellness and reach our highest selves.

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